What Liability Insurance for Lawyers Covers

Lawyers in all areas of practice, regardless of the size of the firm they work at, are at risk. If you are an attorney, turning to a professional liability wholesaler for liability insurance can protect your practice against certain professional risks.


Risks That are Covered


Most liability policies are designed to cover claims that arise from “wrongful acts” committed when you provide legal services. In addition to the regular services you offer, liability insurance may provide coverage in the other roles you fill as an attorney. For example, a liability policy may cover errors made while providing services as a notary public, acting as the executor of an estate for one of your clients, or fulfilling your duties as the member of a professional legal association.


What Isn’t Covered


While liability coverage typically protects your practice from anything that could occur while you are fulfilling your duties as a lawyer, it does not provide coverage in certain situations. Typically, your liability policy will not provide you with coverage if a fraudulent, criminal, malicious, or dishonest act was committed.


The longer you wait to meet with a professional liability wholesaler about your insurance options, the longer your firm and reputation remains at risk. Make it a priority to protect yourself from the risks that can occur while practicing as an attorney and make it a priority to acquire a liability policy.