What to Look for in Restaurant Insurance

restaurant insurance
restaurant insurance

When people start a new business, they are excited about their services or their product. It would be easy for a new restaurant owner and manager to focus on the menu and the atmosphere of the restaurant, ignoring certain financial necessities. The restaurant industry is a tough business from the start and has many challenges. Sustaining a financial loss from a kitchen fire or an injury can cause huge problems if you don’t have a good package of restaurant insurance policies, so they must be a part of the business plan.

Some Areas of Insurance Coverage for Restaurants

Restaurants have to consider both interactions with diners as well as their employees behind the scenes. If alcohol is served, that’s another area to cover. Food poisoning is rare, but if it happens at your restaurant, individuals may sue the restaurant, and the publicity could hurt future business. Besides general liability, some good policies to consider for restaurant insurance include the following:

  • Liquor liability
  • Food contamination
  • Business interruptions
  • Auto and valet liability
  • Employment practices liability

Other Reasons to Go to a Risk Management Expert

There has been an increase in employment practices liability suits in recent years, especially in cases alleging discrimination. Insurance firms with specialized restaurant industry experience understand the different needs of various types of restaurants and they can help assuage your concerns in a various settings:

  • Taverns
  • Find dining establishments
  • Fast food places
  • Resort dining rooms

Using a restaurant insurance and risk management expert will help ensure that no detail is forgotten, and that every potential vulnerable area in a restaurant business is sufficiently covered.