Malpractice Insurance in the Healthcare Profession

When a malpractice suit is filed many attorneys name everyone involved in the care given to their client. HPSO malpractice insurance is available to healthcare providers in a large number of professions to aid in protecting against financial loss.

What Malpractice Insurance Covers

Malpractice insurance is designed to protect the insured against liability for bodily or personal injury that may result from services that were performed. This protection extends to work done outside a traditional business environment, such as providing care in the home or working as a volunteer.

Who Can Malpractice Insurance Cover

Those working for healthcare facilities and agencies often depend on malpractice coverage provided by the employer but may opt to purchase additional HPSO malpractice insurance of their own. Providers who are self-employed should not neglect this important facet of financial planning. Students and volunteers are also eligible to purchase malpractice insurance.

What Professions Can Be Covered

While it may be common to think of malpractice insurance as a safeguard necessary for doctors and nurses, these are some of the many other professions that qualify for the protection:

• Psychologists
• Dentists and dental hygienists
• Optometrists

Protecting the investment you’ve made in your career is vital in today’s contentious legal environment. HPSO malpractice insurance can shield you from the financial impact of a dispute related to the practice of your profession.