Managing the Risks of Your Cleaning Company

Cleaning Company

Risk Management is a vital aspect of your cleaning business. You must identify potential hazards and address them as necessary to ensure safe working conditions for employees.

Cleaning company insurance protects your business against possible damage claims.

Common Hazards

  • Chemicalproducts used for disinfecting can be dangerous to employees.
  • Biologicalexposures include potentially hazardous substances like mold or bacteria.
  • Accidentssuch as falls, trips or slips can occur on the job. Injuries can happen if an employee hits a sharp corner or encounters other dangers during work duties.
  • Physicaldamage can occur to professional cleaners as their required tasks have repetitive movements that can cause ailments over time.

Risk Assessment

After identifying possible exposures, you need to assess the risk level based on the likelihood of potential consequences and create safety policies and procedures to keep employees and clients safe.

Provide regular, adequate training so workers know how to handle chemicals and tools properly. All employees should wear the proper protective equipment such as gloves, goggles or masks to reduce chemical or biological exposures during the cleaning process.

Insurance Policies

Cleaning company insurance can include liability, workers’ compensation, property coverage and more. Public liability covers your business when property damage or personal injury to others occurs due to your employees’ actions.

As an owner, you have a responsibility to address risk management to ensure your employees’ safety. Industry-specific insurance policies help mitigate costs associated with injuries, damage or illness that occur during a workday.