Marinas Need Liability Coverage for Visiting Watercraft

While a marina may not handle large passenger or cargo ships, that does not mean marina liability insurance is not important. A docked boat that stays a day, a week or longer requires some amount of protection. Here are some common types of marina liability coverages.

Ship Repairer’s Legal Liability

A ship that docks for repairs is still at risk for further damages. Liability insurance covers any accidents involving negligence of workers or other boaters in the area. Any marina that performs repairs needs this kind of coverage to prevent losing money for their services.

Marina Operator’s Legal Liability

It is one thing for marina insurance to cover damages to marina property, but what about when non-marina property is damaged? When watercraft not owned by the marina is at the marina, then the marina could be liable for any damage that happens. Some reasons watercraft may be present include:

• Alterations
• Maintenance
• Storage
• Mooring
• Refueling
• Launching
• Hauling

Marina liability insurance is important to protect a marina from costs associated with damage at a dock or other marina property. Whether customer watercraft is present for repair or some other reason, accidents that cause damage can be covered by the marina’s liability insurance. A marina protected by the right liability coverages is less likely to incur excessive costs when something goes wrong.