How Much Will a Mistake Cost You?

Attorneys have to process a lot of information every day. No matter how many clients you have and how many lawyers are in your practice, the workload can get overwhelming. This is exactly why many practices will have employees help them prepare for cases. When you have more than one person working on a client’s case, mistakes can happen—especially if you are not overseeing every detail yourself. Without attorneys professional liability insurance, these mistakes can cost you a lot.


Your Responsibility


Even if your employee is the one that made an error for a client, the blame can fall on your shoulders. If a client decides to take you to court over an error made in your practice, you will have to find a way to pay for representation, court fees, and more. While some lawyers may be able to do this out of pocket, the expenses add up quick—even if you are found not at fault.


Get Help


Attorneys professional liability insurance helps to lift some of the financial burden of such a lawsuit off of your shoulders. Some prime candidates for this type of coverage include:


  • Real Estate Attorneys
  • Collection Attorneys
  • Patent Attorneys


Basically, if you provide professional services, you need coverage in case there something goes awry with one of your clients. If you are worried about the risk exposure your practice currently experiences, get help with the right kind of liability insurance today.


photo credit: TempusVolat cc