Must-Have Insurance for Snow Plows

Brynes Agency Insurance

Snow removal is a vital process during the winter, clearing areas for safe driving and walking. In severe conditions, piles of snow can become hazardous or even completely prevent passage. Due to this, snow plowing businesses have an incredibly important job, ensuring the safety of others. While this is helpful and rewarding, it can also lead to increased risks due to the nature of the work and its unique qualities. With that in mind, you may be wondering, “What kind of insurance do I need for snow plowing?”

General Liability and Auto Aren’t Enough

While it may seem to be enough to just have a general liability policy and auto coverage, this is often not beneficial on its own for snow removal businesses. As explained by Brynes Agency Insurance, the most common claims made against snow plow businesses are related to slips and falls that occur after cleanup. Many general liability policies do not include coverage for weather-related incidents, such as anything involving ice and snow, and auto coverage are going to be focused on anything directly related to the vehicles themselves.

Snow Plow Insurance

In order to make sure that the unique risks of snow plowing are all covered, insurance companies with specialized snow plow programs have policies that can manage typically excluded incidents. Often times, the insurance can also be more personalized for your business, depending on factors such as where your trucks usually clear snow from, such as streets or parking lots.