Who Needs Trucking Liability Insurance?

trucking liability market

Not every client will need the same type of coverage from insurance programs, this means looking at many different markets and finding wholesale providers in several areas. For instance, you might be looking at a trucking liability market for some of your clients who work with moving and shipping. For some of your clients, this type of coverage may even be required by law. You can find this information and more by looking at the applicable insurance markets.

Shipping Companies

Shipping companies work with large trucks daily to move either their own product or that of other businesses. These companies rely on a series of safety inspections, certifications and training programs to avoid accidents as well as the right insurance coverage to help with any accidents which still happen.

Moving Companies

Not all moving companies will need to have insurance covering semi-trucks, but some will. This means having a several flexible options for your clients to design the best possible coverage for the right price. Many moving companies will also need liability insurance for the items they move, which may be more expensive than the average shipping company’s cargo. For instance, antique furniture will need different coverage than boxes of fabric.

The right trucking liability market can help you get the wholesale or individual plan that you need for your shipping and moving companies. Many of these markets can even give you an idea of what that coverage entails as well as industry contacts for any questions you may have.