How Nursing Home Insurance Protects You and Your Residents

nursing home insurance coverage

The number of nursing home residents is expected to increase significantly over the next 35 years. Therefore, you need quality nursing home insurance coverage in order to protect your residents, staff and the organization.

How Insurance Protects Your Residents

Residents who suffer mistreatment or are victims of transportation accidents are financially protected under your insurance policy and can easily get the treatment they need. Medical care for other types of accidents such as slipping and falling on wet floors that do not have proper signage are also covered.

How Insurance Protects Your Staff

If your employees are injured on the job or if their personal effects are stolen during their shift, your insurance can cover the damages. Staff members are also protected against legal claims when a resident files a lawsuit against particular employees.

How Insurance Protects You

Your organization is responsible for accidents, misconduct and crime that take place in your facility. Nursing home insurance coverage protects you from financial loss due to such events. Insurance companies can also help you develop a risk management program to reduce your overall liability and minimize hardship.

Do not wait for accidents and lawsuits to happen. Call around and speak to a variety of agencies to find the right coverage for your organization.