Optional and Useful Coverage Options for Motel Insurance

Optional and Useful Coverage Options for Motel Insurance

In addition to standard coverage for TN motel insurance, you may also want to consider a few optional types of coverage that can prove useful under certain circumstances. You may think a basic policy is enough to protect you, your motel and your employees, but additional coverage can keep your motel open and minimize your level of risk.

Umbrella Coverage

Umbrella coverage can keep you from declaring bankruptcy due to excess liability charges that result from an especially catastrophic event. Motel owners are at a higher risk of liability charges because of the number of guests staying in the motel at any given time. If a major disaster affects several of your guests and all of them bring liability charges against you, a standard TN motel insurance policy may not be enough to cover the financial fallout.

Event Cancellation Insurance

If you’re financially dependent on events you hold at your motel, having event cancellation insurance is in your best interest. This type of coverage takes care of any revenue lost because of the cancellation and all costs associated with the event.

Hotel Guest Relocation Services

If a power outage or fire requires you to relocate your guests, you’ll be glad to have guest relocation service coverage. This coverage compensates you for all costs associated with having to move guests and any revenue you lose.

Having more coverage than you think you need for your motel is always a good idea. Speak with your insurance provider about ways you can cover all of your bases while saving as much as possible on your policy.