Peace of Mind for Septic Tank Installers

More homeowners than ever before are moving out of the cities and building new houses in the country. Often this means the builders will contact a septic tank professional and inquire about facts and figures surrounding a tank installation. One thing he or she almost never asks about is the hazards unique to the world of the septic tank or the insurance protecting those individuals that install those reservoirs.

Possible Pollution

From tiny sized minimalist homes to huge mansions, the hazards that surround septic tanks are inherently the same as noted at The soil must be tested, drainage engineered, and client’s yards must be protected. If there is water on the property, discharge prevention must also be a consideration, as should possible seepage into lakes, streams, or ponds.

Potential Risks

Another reason to have insurance when dealing with septic tank installation is the possibility of mold growth, bacteria exposure, and water contamination. An inefficiently established system can back up into the yard, basement, or crawlspace of a home – even absorbing into the wooden supports used in the house’s foundation. This can cause long-lasting ramifications to both the homeowner and the septic tank installation company.
Being proactive can save your company’s future should a problem arise. Being aware of the insurance possibilities available can give you long term peace of mind.