Personalize Your Trucking Insurance

When it comes to Texas truck insurance, one size does not fit all. Your insurance needs are different depending on what kind of trucking you do. Whether you do long-haul or short-haul trucking, the kind of cargo you specialize in and where you conduct business all have an effect on the kind of insurance you need. Instead of paying for a pre-set insurance package, you can work with your insurance provider to create an insurance program perfect for you.

What’s Available

Before you decide what type of insurance you need, it’s important to understand what is available. Physical Damage insurance covers your truck and trailer while Cargo insurance covers what you’re hauling. There are a range of liability insurance options that cover bodily injury and property damage to others under different circumstances. For example, Non-Trucking liability covers you when you’re driving a work truck but non on company time, while General liability covers damages that occur when you aren’t driving a truck, but still doing business.

Before you talk to an insurance provider, make sure you familiarize yourself with all the possibilities. That way you’ll be clear about what you’re getting.

What You Need

If you’re not sure what you’re required to have, talking to an insurance professional who deals in Texas truck insurance can really help. They should be knowledgeable about state and federal regulations and be aware of any recent changes to policy. Once you’ve established what’s required by law, you can talk about other options that make sense for your business.