Planning Ahead To Keep Workers Compensation Costs Down

workers claims management

It is important for businesses to identify opportunities to control costs in every aspect of operation, including the area of workers compensation. To this end, it is good practice to take a proactive approach to workers claims management. By planning ahead, it is possible to minimize the financial and productivity impacts of unfortunate events in the workplace.

Prevention is a big part of the strategy to keep workers compensation claims low. Work-related injuries or deaths can occur anywhere, from factory floors to administrative offices. It is wise to evaluate all work areas for possible safety risks. A combination of written policy and comprehensive training should be used to help employees to recognize potential hazards, and to minimize the risk to themselves in the performance of their duties.

No amount of prevention can stop all injuries. When an employee is hurt or worse, effective workers claims management requires fast action. After incidents, prompt communication with coverage providers is essential. Investigations should be launched quickly to gather as much information as possible, as close to the events as manageable. A process should be in place to ensure workers get medical treatment immediately upon being injured, and afterward with medical referral assistance. An employee handbook should detail the responsibilities and expectations for reporting injuries and handling their aftermath.