Professional Employer Organization Core Services

Professional Employer Organization Core Services

Most entrepreneurs start companies to earn a profit, but the day-to-day management of non-core administration aspects often creates distractions independent of the principal business focus. Owners may lack the essential internal resources or training to address all the employee needs. PEO services in Florida bring large-group resources and access to benefits plans and programs that the employer would not otherwise enjoy.

Improving Profitability with Strategic Services

In a PEO relationship, the client can opt to control just the basic level of in-house HR support. This creates significant time savings by allowing the PEO to manage routine and redundant employment-related tasks for its clients. A high-quality PEO delivers HR outsourcing services combined with an integrated technology approach by serving as a single-source HR services provider. Functions managed by PEO services in Florida include:

  • Payroll facilitation
  • Benefits administration
  • HR management
  • Risk and compliance
  • Leadership training
  • Talent Acquisition

Co-employment with a PEO enables the business to focus on core competencies and concentrate efforts on pursuits that generate profits and revenues.

Gaining Focus and Increasing Competitive Advantage

It’s common knowledge that the answer to augmenting competitive advantage is through a highly skilled and well-trained workforce. By outsourcing various non-core functions of your business to PEO services in Florida that specialize in those functions, you can increase attention and direct focus to your core business. You also gain the added benefit of knowing that highly skilled specialists are attending to those outsourced roles.