Proper Sanitation in Commercial Laundry


Being in the commercial laundry industry brings you into close contact with germs every day. This is especially true if you launder items from places like hospitals or restaurants. Fabricare Advantage Insurance will protect the items themselves, but take precautions to protect yourself. Avoid bringing germs home and prevent getting sick.

Personal Protective Equipment

As commercial launderer’s insurance like Fabricare protects customers’ items from damage or theft, protect yourself from the germs. Wearing the right safety equipment when handling potentially contaminated laundry can prevent the spread of disease. If these are not already company standard, make the following part of your daily uniform:

Headscarf/head coverage

Shower After Work

If your locker room at work provides showers, take advantage of them. Showering at work will ensure that any bacteria you come into contact with does not follow you to your car and home. If you are unable to shower at work, keep a spare set of clothes and shoes with you and change before leaving.

Sanitize Equipment

Keep a schedule notating how often you should sanitize the equipment you work with. Most washing machines have a “sanitize washer” cycle included. Run this cycle on a regular basis. Follow company standards when sanitizing other equipment like:


Cleaning for a living has its dirty side. Leave bacteria at work and take measures to keep yourself healthy.