Protect Your Assets With Contractor Insurance

In order for a contractor to be licensed and bonded, many states require proof of contractor insurance. Depending on your specific insurance needs there are many types of contractor insurance in OrlandoThese include worker’s compensation insurance, general liability insurance, equipment and tools insurance, and builder’s risk insurance, just to name a few. There are several reasons why enrolling in a quality contractor insurance plan is essential.

Get the Job

While bidding for a job, many companies will require you to show proof that you have liability insurance coverage. Most general contractors, as well as most all government agencies, will require you to carry the proper insurance. If you don’t have insurance coverage you will most definitely miss out on those jobs.

Protect Your Assets

Whether it is due to faulty materials, human error, or weather-related incidents, injuries or accidents sometimes happen on construction sites. Make sure that you are protected with the proper contractor insurance in Orlando. Building materials can be quite expensive. With contractor insurance, you can insure your building materials while they are onsite and in transit.

Insurance companies report that the most common insurance claims that are filed by contractors include damaged materials, materials theft, storm damage, or destruction of surrounding properties while construction is taking place. Customizing your contractor insurance plan to incorporate your particular needs is essential. Contact an insurance expert today and get started.