Protection That Travels With You

Non owned auto insurance As someone who operates a staffing agency, you know that this particular industry can take you far and wide.  You never know exactly what this diverse and fast-paced work environment is going to bring you so you have to be ready for anything.  Most staffing agencies own a work vehicle or two which are covered by their own fleet vehicle insurance policy.  Sometimes it’s necessary to rent a vehicle for a particular job.  If this is a frequent occurrence, then you should strongly consider carrying a non owned auto insurance policy.

Protection on the Road

You already know how important general auto insurance policies are and a non owned auto insurance policy is equally important.  Consider the value of:

  • No deductable
  • No aggregate limit
  • Primary non-contributory coverage
  • Individual policy with separate limits
  • Blanket additional insured

These and other lines of coverage help keep drivers, passengers, vehicles, and property safe during the use of your rented vehicle.

Purchasing a Policy

Before a non owned auto insurance policy can be issued you’ll have to apply for it.  Your insurance company will require you to present a copy of your employee manual or handbook, a three year carrier loss run that’s currently valued, and a completed staffing insurance policy application.  Once these requirements have been met you and an insurance agency representative can begin looking at available policies.  Pretty soon you’ll be able to hit the road with total peace of mind.