Protections Provided by Bar and Tavern Insurance

Protections Provided by Bar and Tavern Insurance

Operating a bar, tavern or nightclub can be a lot of fun, but something that is not so fun is when you are facing a lawsuit. Bars are susceptible to numerous types of legal actions, which is why it is extremely vital to have bar and tavern insurance so that you are protected against anything that comes your way.

Protection from Serving to a Minor or Overly Intoxicated Person

You should have preventive measures in place to stop this kind of thing from happening. A strict I.D. check should be enforced, and you should train your servers in how to recognize when someone has had too much. However, certain insurance policies limit your liability in these scenarios.

Protection from Falls and Slips

Certain establishments are prone to slippery floors, and actions should be taken to prevent slips from occurring in the first place. A written policy can help immensely when dealing with a fall and facing a possible lawsuit.

Protection Against Assault and Battery

If your business serves alcohol and is open late, then there is a good chance some unsavory characters will come in. A minor altercation can lead to some big problems for your bar or restaurant, so get coverage that protects you.

Hopefully, none of these issues will occur in your business, and everyone will continue to have a good time. However, it is better to have bar and tavern insurance and never need it than to need it and not have it.