Why Purchasing Workers’ Compensation Coverage Is Your Best Bet

TX workers' compensation coverage

Company stability and employee wellbeing are undoubtedly both top priorities when running your business. Employers often purchase workers’ compensation insurance to provide financial coverage for injuries that happen at the workplace or diseases and illnesses contracted from workplace activities. Currently, the state of Texas does not require employers to have workers’ compensation insurance. However, employers can still be found liable for injuries or illnesses on the job. They may even be found liable if the employee is partially responsible for his or her illness or injury. TX workers’ compensation coverage can help protect both employees and the business itself.

When employees are covered by workers’ compensation insurance, they can often receive pay if unable to work, and they may also receive medical assistance if needed. When employers and their businesses are covered by workers’ compensation insurance, they may have greater protection against lawsuits filed against the company by injured or ill employees. Employee lawsuits are reviewed by the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI). The TDI examines the situation and determines if there are any unresolved points of dispute between the employee and the employer. If the lawsuit goes to court, evidence consists of the points of dispute determined by the TDI; other facets of the lawsuit that are considered resolved cannot be used as evidence in court. Furthermore, worker’s compensation insurance typically covers the court and attorney fees for the employer.

TX workers’ compensation coverage is a wise investment. Insuring the business as well as its employees benefits everyone involved.