Reasons You Need Veterinary Malpractice Insurance

Reasons You Need Veterinary Malpractice Insurance

Veterinary malpractice insurance is something that no vet wants to have but should have anyway. There are a number of circumstances for which you will need malpractice insurance coverage so that you can protect yourself and your business from base allegations. Here are some of the situations that might come about for which you will need insurance protection.


Misdiagnosis of a pet’s conditions can have disastrous effects. If you accidentally misdiagnose a pet’s condition, the owner of the pet can sue you for negligence. Malpractice insurance can protect you from liability in the event this happens.

Prescription Error

Prescription errors can involve either prescribing the incorrect dosage or prescribing the wrong medication. It can also involve prescribing treatment that ends up causing further injury or illness.

Stopping Treatment Too Early

As a human being,¬†sometimes¬†you are discharged early from a hospital before you are well enough to function on your own with reasonable accommodation. The same thing can happen with a dog or cat, and it is essential that you complete the full course of treatment before letting one of your four legged patients go home. Sometimes bad things happen though, and a patient’s owner may feel like their furry family member was released too early. Make sure that you have full coverage on your veterinary malpractice insurance plan to protect you from these unfortunate events.