Risks and Rewards: How Specialty Insurance Services Benefit You

Risks and Rewards: How Specialty Insurance Services Benefit You

Specialty insurance services are a valuable tool for protecting property not covered by traditional policies. If you own a rental property in a neighborhood prone to burglary, or if your home has had previous insurance claims, for example, you might have trouble qualifying for a traditional homeowners policy that meets all your needs. Specialty coverage bridges that gap. Services of this type are not limited to homeowners policies, however. They are available to insure a variety of niche insurance risks.

What Can Be Covered?

Specialty services can provide dwelling fire coverage and specialty homeowners coverage and can protect, among others, the following property types:

  • Manufactured homes
  • Unoccupied dwellings
  • Motorcycles
  • Travel trailers

Do You Need Specialty Insurance?

Here are a few good litmus tests to help determine whether you need specialty coverage:

  • Are you planning to leave your home unoccupied while you enjoy the luxuries of an extended European vacation?
  • Do you spend your Saturdays cruising around the countryside on your motorcycle?
  • Are your vacations spent in a travel trailer?
  • Do you own a manufactured home?
  • Have you found your home to be uninsurable under traditional policies?
  • Is your dog of a particularly high-risk breed?

Peace of Mind as You Enjoy Your Property

A “yes” to any of the above questions places you in the ranks of those for whom specialty insurance services were created. Coverage for your unique property is not unattainable. With a customized insurance policy to meet your particular needs, you can stop worrying about uninsured damages and start enjoying your property once again.