The dating scene can often resemble a jungle. It can be like every person for them self as they try to meet that perfect partner. With that being said there are a few unwritten rules to dating that you should be following. Not only will these rules to dating help you in your quest to find that perfect person. They will also help you to make sure you are safe.

First Date: The Public Date

Your first date should always be in a public place. And you should make your own way there and likewise for them. This will keep you nice and safe when you really do not know the person yet. Maybe go for a meal or something

Second Date: Public Date Part II

The rules of dating dictates that this second date should really just be the same as the first. Again Go for a meal. Maybe check out a movie afterwards.

Third Date: I Will Pick You Up

For this date you will have probably been texting and calling each other in between. Well now you may feel comfortable enough with them in order to go to where it is you are going in one car.

Fourth Date: Walk Them Home

For this date you may very well want to walk the person back to there home. But do not go inside (try and resist the temptation)

Sixth Date: Want To Come In

Now you should know each other much better and know if you feel safe and secure with the person. If it feels right then there would be nothing wrong with inviting them in for a coffee or whatever.