Save With Tailored Commercial Insurance Coverage

Figuring out the right commercial coverage for a business can be tough, because there are dozens of niche forms of insurance covering everything from vehicles and vehicle fleets to employee liability, crime protection, and more. Shopping for each individually is a huge task. That’s why tailored commercial insurance coverage exists, to save you time and money.

One Policy, All Your Coverage

Bundled commercial insurance starts with a survey of your business. An agent runs through questions about what you do, which operations you handle yourself and which you outsource, assets owned, peripheral activities and investments to support your company, and everything else that’s needed to assess your business. The quote then contains:

  • A list of individual insurance coverages included, with their own limits per claim and per policy term, as well as an overall policy maximum
  • Streamlined processes for reviewing and updating coverage should you need to amend it as your business grows
  • Recommendations for additional risk management products like bonds, as needed to supplement insurance in your industry

Once you see the quote, you can request adjustments to coverage levels as needed, to tweak it to your comfort and cost lines. At the end, you’ve got a single policy that covers every area of commercial insurance your business needs, as well as some idea about the processes and additional products you can invest in to lower your risk even further.