Should Your Organization Use Volunteer Drivers?

Many nonprofit organizations rely on volunteers to drive their mission forward. Simply put, without this unpaid labor force, they would not be able to function. However, many managers wonder about assigning driving responsibilities to volunteers. Here are a few things to consider when deciding if it makes sense for your organization to use volunteer drivers.

Will Volunteers Perform a Necessary Function?

Start by asking yourself if the driving must be done. If it is essential to the organization’s mission, then you should consider how best to fill driver roles. For many, that will mean using volunteer drivers.

Can You Afford Paid Drivers?

Before you decide to use volunteers, determine if this is a position where you can afford to hire a professional driver. What that is not often the case, you may be able to shuffle responsibilities around to make it happen.

Does Your Auto Policy Cover Volunteer Drivers?

In many cases, commercial auto policies limit coverage to the company’s paid employees, which means your volunteers may not be covered when driving your vehicles. If they are driving their own cars, they will need to rely on their personal policy in the event of an accident. Personal limits are often insufficient to shield a business from full liability.

If you decide to take on volunteer drivers, a volunteer vehicle insurance policy can help mitigate some of the risks to your organization.