Show Horse Insurance

Showhorse Insurance

Owning a show horse is a pleasurable experience. Many enjoy grooming an animal to a specified appearance and then proudly displaying it to the world for bragging rights and competitive purposes. Nearly four million of the country’s nine million horses are purchased for show purposes. Aside from the high cost of purchasing the horse, many additional fees make showhorse insurance Tennessee horse owner’s foremost priority. If it isn’t currently, then it certainly should be.

Costs of Owning a Show Horse

Horse shows often have specific guidelines as to what can be worn in an exhibition. This means extra money shelled out for tack, equipment, and new attire. Additionally, if you don’t have a place to store your horse on your property, you’ll need to pay for regular boarding. When attending a show, you may need to pay for boarding while your horse is attending a show. Add veterinary, coaching, entry and grooming fees to the cost of the horse itself and you’ve got a sizeable investment on your hands.

Protecting Your Investment

With showhorse insurance Tennessee horse exhibitions would be a less stressful event for you as an owner. Protect your chances of future winnings and hedge against loss of your current investment. Read your policy carefully to ensure your specific interests are covered. If you haven’t researched insurance options previously, now would be a good time to start.