Sports Bars Can Get Rowdy…Are You Covered?

tavern liability coverage programs

Let’s face it: sports bars are not always the safest place to be. Though many of your patrons may begin their night in good spirits and with good intentions, after one too many drinks and a losing game, friends may quickly turn into enemies and that nice quiet guy in the corner can become a loud and aggressive problem. When problems arise, so do accidents, injuries, fights, and property damage, which is why tavern liability coverage programs exist.

Without the proper coverage on your side, you may find yourself liable for accidents, injuries, and damages that you yourself did not cause. This is because as the owner of a liquor establishment, you assume liability for whatever damage your patrons cause after drinking liquor served to them by you. It may not seem fair—after all, grown adults make their own choices, right?—but it’s how the law works. If you don’t want to be slapped with a hefty bill racked up on someone else’s time, look into tavern liability coverage programs.

You cannot anticipate what damage your patrons will cause, but you can protect yourself. Do not risk assuming liability for another person’s actions, and look into bar and tavern insurance for your drinking establishment today. You’ll be happy you did.