Why Staffing Agencies Need Staffing Crime Insurance

staffing agency insurance

Staffing agencies have particular insurance needs resulting from the work they do. Any staffing agency insurance plan should include Staffing Crime Insurance. This protects both agencies and their clients against many types of crime and theft committed by agencies’ workers.

What is Covered by Staffing Crime Insurance?

Employee theft is a problem for many staffing agencies. Most employee theft involves basic theft, but other business crimes are on the rise. These include the use of computers to transfer funds. Employee theft can include theft of clients’ goods, theft of a client’s trade secrets, embezzlement and identity theft. In many cases, losses resulting from security breaches are also covered.

Who is Covered?

Staffing Crime Insurance protects both staffing agencies and their clients in the event of loss resulting from employee theft and other illegal acts.

What Else May be Included in a Staffing Crime Insurance Policy?

Many Staffing Crime Insurance plans include coverage against:

  • Fraudulent impersonation on behalf of an employee
  • Expenses resulting from security breaches
  • Defense and legal liability

Employee theft is a problem for many employers, and staffing agencies are no exception. However, staffing agency insurance is unique in that both agencies and their clients require coverage against employee theft and other crimes.