The Technology Industry Requires Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

While most technology companies are on the cutting-edge, in many cases employees still require the basic benefits to remain satisfied. Technology insurance in San Francisco should entail special considerations for equipment breakdown and data breaches, but other types of plans are just as important for keeping employees covered in their time of need.

General Liability

General liability offers coverage for bodily injury and property damage for third parties (i.e. people not employed by the company in question). This can be extremely beneficial in the event of an accident on company property, or even collisions involving company vehicles. Without general liability, many companies may find themselves paying out large sums of money as a result of such occurrences.

Fidelity Insurance

Thefts and other types of crimes are also a consideration for many companies. In many cases, general liability does not offer coverage in the event a crime has been committed. This is especially true when protecting against internal crime, such as employee dishonesty. Fidelity insurance can protect against things like embezzlement, forgery, breaches of data, in addition to any other types of crime which may take place within a company.

Technology insurance in San Francisco should offer comprehensive coverage for a number of situations. No matter what may occur within a business, the right type of insurance coverage can mitigate loss and lessen the chance of a negative outcome, to both employer and employee.


photo credit: Demmer S cc