Three Components of Liquor Sales Liability

bar insurance cost

Operating a bar is just like operating any other business. When it comes to making sure your overall operation is successful, you need to pay careful attention to each area and provide the resources to keep them running smoothly. While we can’t give you an exact total on what these resources will run, we can help you understand your bar insurance cost.

To have the most comprehensive plan in place, you will want to include the following coverage areas.

Commercial Property Insurance. This will help with any damage that occurs to the physical structure of the building, interior components and related signage. This can be done in actual cash value or replacement cost.

Assault and Battery Insurance. Some companies choose to include this endorsement under their liquor liability policy. This works to protects individuals from harm that occurs in the unlawful event of the use of force by another individual.

Liquor Liability Insurance. The risks associated with intoxicated patrons can be addressed through this insurance. The cost for this coverage relies on the state in which you operate, the amount of sales your liquor service brings and your overall operations.

To figure out your bar insurance cost, you will look at what policy limits to set. It is advised to maintain coverage in each of these areas.