Three Construction Insurance Options Explained

Construction Insurance

Are you looking for an agency with expertise in construction industry insurance? If you’re like most contractors, you have very little insurance experience and therefore aren’t sure what coverages you actually need. While there are a number of insurance options available for contractors, there are three coverages that you should be aware of as they will provide a solid foundation for your policy.

General Liability

General liability insurance protects you against lawsuits by a third party claiming that they sustained an injury or property damage because of your business activities. If this were to happen, your policy would cover your legal fees including any judgment or settlement amounts.

Pollution Liability

Depending on your policy or agency, pollution liability coverage may be included in your general liability coverage. According to, it offers the same protections as general liability except for the fact that pollution liability also makes funds available to cover the costs associated with preventing pollution.

Workers Compensation

You’ve probably heard of workers’ compensation in the past. In short, it’s coverage that protects your employees in case they become injured or ill due to work-related activities. Not only will your policy cover any of your employee’s medical bills, but it will also pay their salary while they’re away from work.

There are many layers to construction insurance and you don’t have to attempt to learn it all. Work with an experienced agent to create a policy that suits your needs.