Three Pros Of Owning A Condo


If you’re tired of renting and are thinking about purchasing a home, have you ever considered a condo? By choosing condo living, you’re given the luxury of owning but without all the responsibility of owning a single-family house.

Cheaper Insurance Rates

When you live in a condo complex, your insurance is different from standard homeowners’ insurance. Rates are much cheaper and the coverage plans are different as well. If you need more information, look at the data found on to help guide your steps.

No Yardwork

Mowing the lawn and pulling weeds is not everybody’s idea of fun. Yardwork is taken care of by your condo association and is part of the fees you pay each month.

A Great Investment

Whether you have a high rise in the Seattle skyline or a more modest condo in the suburbs, you’re making a sound investment. Although the numbers can fluctuate, condos generally hold their value well and can be a great first home for a young or small family. The great news is that when you’re ready to sell or rent, you can get good rates and a healthy return on investment.

A condo isn’t for everybody, but it can be an awesome choice if it fits your lifestyle. Decide if the pros of owning a condo outweigh the cons.