Three Qualities To Look for in an Insurance Agent

independent insurance agents of Connecticut

There are many benefits to choosing independent insurance agents of Connecticut over one company. The agents can help you find multiple products for the best price. Whether you are just starting your hunt for insurance or are looking to switch agents, these three qualities can help you choose a good one.


Insurance is more than simply the cost for coverage. There are many legal and tax implications the agent should be aware of for a given policy. They should understand what policies they sell and what they cover.


Like any client-facing profession, insurance agents need to have excellent customer service skills. An agent who follows through on their commitments, answers phone calls and emails in a timely fashion and empathizes with your situation has the makings of a good agent. As their client, you should come before their commission check.


Insurance is one area where honesty is really the best policy. Knowing the exact costs and coverages is essential to avoiding a costly event later. Ideally, the agent is happy to work with you, maintains persistence in finding the right policy and encourages your trust.

Independent insurance agents of Connecticut offer a wide range of products to cover your exposures. Find one with the right qualities and you’ll be prepared when something goes wrong.