The Three Things All Insurance Websites Should Have

insurance agency websites

In the competitive insurance sales market, just having a web presence isn’t enough. You need a website that gets seen by your target market and entices visitors to purchase your products. This may seem obvious, but actually creating a site that effectively does this is harder than you think. Here are three things all insurance agency websites should include to ensure the best ROI.

1. Optimized, Regularly Updated Content

If search engines can’t find your website then clients won’t be able to either. Making sure that your content is SEO-friendly is only half the battle. You will quickly lose your hard-earned ranking if you don’t regularly update the content on your site.

2. A Good Content Management System

A content management system helps organize and monitor the back-end operations in insurance agency websites. You can create inquiry and payment forms and then track the responses. This makes it much easier to convert leads and manage the sales process.

3. A Dashboard for Tracking Results

A dashboard is a centralized place where you can check internal analytics, and it can often be linked to track search engine analytics as well. This allows you to see the amount and demographic of people visiting your site, their user flow and track conversion rates.

No matter how aesthetically pleasing the site is, insurance agency websites lacking these three key aspects will likely not yield the desired ROI. Talk to your web designer about integrating these features if you don’t already have them.