Three Types of Insurance Your Business Needs

The purpose of business insurance in Hazleton Pennsylvania is to protect your business from liability and financial risk. Although there are many types of insurance available to your company, there are three types of policies your business shouldn’t go without.


1. General Liability


General liability insurance typically covers your business’ operations. This may include damage to your property, injuries to others that you may be held legally liable for, defense costs in case your business ever faces a lawsuit, and personal and advertising injury.


2. Workers’ Compensation


If one of your employees becomes injured while they are on the job, paying for their medical bills and the cost of a possible lawsuit has the potential to cause your business extensive financial harm. Workers’ compensation insurance provides your employees with benefits regardless of who was at fault for the accident.


3. Errors and Omissions


Errors and omissions insurance provides your business with coverage in a situation where your business fails to uphold the terms of a contract with another company or client. Even if a lawsuit is found to be groundless, this type of insurance usually covers the cost of defense, settlements, and judgments.


Don’t let your business go without proper protection any longer. Instead, contact a qualified insurance agent as soon as possible who can help you determine what types of business insurance in Hazleton Pennsylvania your company needs.