Top 3 Reasons Nurses Need Malpractice Insurance

nursing malpractice insurance

Within the medical field, malpractice insurance can be a necessity due to the litigious nature of our current society. While a hospital or doctor would never think to ignore the necessity, there are popular myths that nursing malpractice insurance isn’t as necessary for the nurses who practice. Read on to see how belief in these misconceptions can leave a nurse vulnerable.

Myth #1: My Employer’s Policy Protects Me

Hospitals have malpractice insurance, but in case of a lawsuit, there may not be enough to cover the costs of legal fees for both hospital and employees. A nurse would need their own malpractice insurance to cover any additional costs.

Myth #2: Only Doctors Get Sued

Any member of the hospital team that has interactions with a patient can be sued if a patient feels they did not receive the proper care. Nursing malpractice insurance can protect a nurse if they are named solely in a claim.

Myth #3: Only Those Who Make Mistakes Can Be Sued

Miscommunications, emotions, or lack of knowledge from patients or their family can lead them to think neglect is occurring when in reality it is not.

Nurses are an important part of the medical team, and they need the same level of coverage and protection as the doctors on staff. Having the right malpractice insurance can protect a nurse’s career.