Top 3 Scenarios That Need Coverage Through Specialty Insurance Programs

Some businesses have unique needs that require additional coverage beyond a normal business insurance policy. That’s when specialty insurance programs come into play.

Understanding Nontraditional Business Insurance Needs

The three top business scenarios that call for specialty insurance programs include:

  1. Inland Marine Coverage: This coverage protects high-value business items damaged by the elements or stolen. If you move business assets as part of a trade show route or for delivery to a customer, this type of specialty insurance program can help fill the gaps left by a conventional policy for business owners.
  2. Dwelling Protection Coverage: This covers physical damage to the structure of a building. While dwelling protection coverage is part of a homeowner’s insurance policy, it does not include comprehensive insurance to protect belongings inside a house. You may also need separate dwelling protection coverage for:
    • An otherwise empty house undergoing repairs or waiting to be sold
    • Rental units
    • A seasonal home that needs protection while vacant
  3. Commercial Trucking Coverage: Depending on the cargo transported, liability levels for commercial trucking coverage may differ. Some specialty insurance plans for commercial trucking use camera technology.

The best time to investigate whether you’re fully protected against loss is before it happens. Research which specialty insurance programs might be right for your business.