Top Insurance Needs of Small Businesses

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Just like you protect your home with homeowners insurance, you need to protect your business with commercial insurance Tulsa. Here are the top insurance needs most small businesses to benefit from having.

Liability Insurance

The most common business insurance is a general liability insurance policy. This helps cover someone who injures themselves on your property. Businesses also benefit from an errors and omissions policy or professional liability insurance policy to cover any negligent or omitted information or errors during the course of doing business with a customer.

Vehicle Insurance

Your personal auto insurance policy likely does not cover business-related errands. When you have an accident while running business errands, you could be footing the bill without a commercial auto insurance policy.

Worker’s Compensation

If you have employees, workers’ compensation insurance is a federally-mandated requirement. This helps cover the employee in the event they are hurt, fall ill or die while on the job. The medical treatments, lost wages and any disability or death benefits are often covered under the policy.

Commercial insurance Tulsa helps protect your business from the financial loss associated with a lawsuit. Since mistakes happen, it’s important to invest in a good insurance package to cover as many of your exposures as possible. Additional insurance policies may be required in order to fully cover your exposures depending on the size and type of business.