Top Three Reasons You Need Dog Bite Liability Insurance

Each year, roughly 4.5 million people are victims of dog bites, and about half of these individuals are children. Luckily, dog bite liability insurance is rising in popularity among pet owners, and Florida dog bites quotes offer a good idea of idea of what you can expect to pay for such a policy.  Here’s a look at the top three reasons you and your pooch need dog bite liability insurance.


Children Reside in Your Home


Children don’t always realize that what they perceive as playing can be seen as threatening by a dog, particularly if the dog in unfamiliar with the child. While your dog or dogs might be familiar with your own children, the same can’t be said if they have play dates or parties where other children are present.


Your Apartment Complex or Homeowners Association Requires It


It’s a growing trend among many apartment communities and homeowners associations to require dog bite liability insurance prior to allowing you and your pooch to move in. Florida dog bites quotes can give you an idea of what your annual premium will be for such a policy so that you can budget and plan accordingly.


Your Dog is Particularly Dangerous or Vicious


Many counties and states nationwide are adopting policies that require owners of dogs who are prone to biting or deemed vicious to carry dog liability insurance.  If you own such an animal and aren’t ready to put down or part with your best friend, dog bite liability insurance is essential.
While being the victim of a dog bite can be painful and troublesome, the same can be said if you’re the owner of the dog that does the biting. Protect yourself, your family and your dog with a dog bite liability insurance policy and get back to playing with and enjoying life with your pup.