Types of Homeowners Insurance and What They Cover

homeowners insurance in Los Angeles

If you’re buying a new home or just shopping for a policy that will cover you in case of an emergency, homeowners insurance in Los Angeles is a must. However, not all policies are created equal. To decide what types of insurance you should buy, you need to know what they cover. Here are three main types of homeowners insurance you should have.

Structural Coverage

Structural or dwelling coverage is the most common type of homeowners insurance. It covers damage to the structure of your home based on disasters like vandalism, burglary, hail, fire and sometimes water leaks. They’ll pay to replace parts of your home that get destroyed up to your policy limit, even total loss.

Liability Coverage

If someone else is hurt on your property, a liability policy can help you pay for your legal defense and compensation. It may also pay to fix property damage resulting from any accidents covered in your policy.

Contents Coverage

Last, but certainly not least, you’ll need coverage for your valuables and other belongings. If a disaster occurs, this type of policy can help you replace everything from furniture to clothes. You can either choose a policy that pays a depreciated amount for each item or a more expensive policy that will buy new replacements for any possessions up to the amount of coverage you paid for.

When you own your home, you should cover any possible problems by purchasing homeowners insurance in Los Angeles. By thinking ahead, you can save yourself heartache and problems down the line.