Understanding Mower Insurance

Mower Insurance

One of the most surprising statistics surrounding lawn mowing is the number of people injured each year. With almost 6,500 mowing injuries annually, and at an average cost of $35,000 per incident, it is curious why the activity is not considered more dangerous than it has been, and why a lawn mower insurance endorsement is not more popular.


Whether you have a mowing business, use your mower only at home, or cut your neighbor’s as a friendly gesture, you should understand the specifics of any insurance policy covering your machine. If you rely on homeowner’s insurance, does it cover the device when you use it off your property? If you are a business, does your insurance cover only trained operators or anyone that uses the mower? Here are some other questions you should ask as they relate to your lawn mower insurance policy:

  • Is there an operator age limit?
  • Do yard preparations need to be taken before mowing?
  • If you don’t use a guard, catcher, or shield, does it nullify the policy?


You can protect yourself by making sure your coverage is up to date and that you understand your policy’s specific requirements. Once you have the proper lawn mower insurance for your home or business, feel free to do a good deed for your neighbor by mowing their lawn!