Unique Risks for Florida Business Owners

As a business owner in Florida, you might have heard some talk about unique risks in the area. You’re already aware of the typical weather patterns for this area. Nevertheless, it’s important to remember that hurricanes and high tides aren’t the only causes of flood damage. When searching for commercial property insurance in Orlando, consider adding flood insurance to your business risk protection portfolio.

Why Flood Insurance?

Contrary to popular belief, flood coverage is not automatically part of most commercial property insurance in Orlando. In fact, many home and business owners alike mistakenly assume it’s included, usually to their peril. Besides the weather, Florida’s flat terrain lends itself to higher instances of water accumulation due to heavy rains or rising river levels. Furthermore, the chances of high tides, storm surges and sea level increases due to the melting of land-based ice are some of the expected aftereffects of climate change. Finding out that thousands or millions of dollars in losses aren’t covered can be quite a shock and for a business, it can mean the difference between continuing operations and shutting down for good.

Add Flood Coverage to Your Policies

It’s crucial not to underestimate your company’s insurance needs. Along with your commercial property insurance in Orlando, adding flood insurance will protect against major losses common in the region. Consult your insurance agent for advice on the best packages for your business.