Water Treatment Considerations for Oil and Gas Companies

Water is a precious natural resource, making up over 70% of the Earth’s surface and up to 60% of the average human adult body. Almost no living organism can survive without water, so much care has to be taken by businesses running operations that take place within oceans and seas. The treatment of this precious resource for use by humans is also a very important process that involves certain risks and exposures for organizations that are involved. A local or municipally-owned water or wastewater facility would be exposed to these risks, but so would businesses in other industries, especially oil and gas.

How Does Water Impact Oil and Gas Operations?

Water treatment in oil and gas industry is a big deal. Treatment of this resource occurs primarily through these processes:

  • Separation of water from oil and gas in a reservoir
  • Removal of oil and gas from water to be returned to an ocean, sea or other body
  • Flushing of oil into production wells

It may have been obvious how essential water is to survival, but it also plays a major role in processing oil and gas for use in various aspects of our daily lives.

What Other Considerations Are There?

It’s important for any business entity to have insurance products to cover their risks. Water treatment insurance helps oil and gas companies address their exposures to liability and claims which can be very costly. Look for an experienced insurer to help put together a comprehensive plan.