Ways Educators May Protect Against D&O Claims

To operate successfully and remain competitive, private schools, colleges and universities have an interest in protecting their reputations and their finances. There are many types of exposures that may threaten both an educational institutions good name and its assets. Directors and Officers for Educators is coverage that helps to support schools, their faculties and other members by protecting against claims of error and omission. In addition, an organization may implement structure to discourage and prevent claims.

Educate the Educators

Proper guidelines for policy awareness and oversight may be just as important to a school as for profit-oriented corporations. An outline for creating a plan to prevent claims of wrongdoing may include the following:

  • Define ethical standards and legal guidelines in regards to regulations and need
  • Identify potential areas of conflict of interest
  • Construct a plan for financial oversight and accountability
  • Develop employee training programs
    Review and update policies periodically

Tailor a Policy to Need

Different educational organizations may have varying needs for liability coverage. Lawsuits may arise from claims of wrongful student suspension or inappropriate discipline, a dispute associated with grading or placement, or a challenge to an admissions decision. Educators benefit from the freedom to make decisions without worrying about costly legal fees arising from claims of non-bodily injury. A good insurance agent may offer Directors and Officers for educators liability coverage that provides the best protection for your organization.