What Does Transport Insurance Cover?

Transport Insurance

Providing transportation for other businesses when they need to send goods, materials, and supplies from place to place can be exciting, especially for independent operators who can opt to remain independent or build toward a transport business that includes other drivers as they grow. For newcomers to the industry, the coverage provided by transport insurance shouldn’t be too tough to parse, but the term tends to make it sound specialized. In reality, transport coverage is just a shorthand term for general liability insurance built with transportation companies in mind. Rather than a one size fits all policy that spans industries, it provides coverage for the specific risk scenarios you face when you carry other people’s cargo.

Public Liability, Cargo Coverage, and More

One size fits all general liability tries to anticipate common risks that are faced by a broad range of companies, and as a result, it can wind up missing some things. When you work with a provider who understands your business is cargo handling, storage, and transportation, it’s a lot easier to make sure all your foreseeable risks are covered. That includes risks like damage to client property and public liability in the event of an accident involving one of your vehicles. In some cases, you can even find a provider who is able to put together a comprehensive business insurance plan that includes your commercial auto coverage, roadside assistance, and more.