What To Do After a Windstorm

If you have windstorm insurance in Florida, you can file a claim any time your home suffers damage after weather events featuring high winds. In order for the insurance to accept your claim and pay you the money you need to make repairs, however, there are a few steps you should follow right after the windstorm.

The first step of filing your claim is gathering evidence. You not only need proof of the damage but also proof that it was caused by heavy winds. It is a good idea to mark down the date of the storm and print out news articles confirming its occurrence. Take pictures of the damage that the storm did to your home, and list all the items that need to be repaired or replaced. After you have documented the damage, get written estimates from at least two contractors on the repairs that need to be done.

Once you have collected all your data, provide it to the claims department of your insurance company and request that a claims adjuster visit your home to assess the damage. Be sure to provide a copy of the estimates given by the contractors, and if possible, have one available during the visit to answer any further questions the adjuster might have.

With windstorm insurance in Florida, you can receive compensation for any repairs you home needs as a result of a windstorm. Receiving these funds, however, includes timely, accurate reporting on your part.