Why You Need Jones Act Insurance for Your Maritime Business

The Jones Act was put into place to protect maritime workers while they are on a ship. It allows seaman to seek damages against their employer, captain or crewmembers if they are injured while performing their normal duties while at sea. Jones Act insurance helps you pay for these damages.

What It Covers

This insurance covers a crewmember’s maintenance, transportation, wages, and treatment while still on the ship until their voyage is finished. It is the maritime counterpart to the land-based worker’s compensation insurance.

Since workers may need to be transported to somewhere other than their port, it allows for a per-day allotment of funds to cover food, transportation to and from doctors, and expenses while they are recovering.

Who It Covers

It obviously covers sailors, but it also covers divers, captains, stewards and other shipboard personnel. Included in this are the seamen who are on land as long as they are still in service of the ship. So, if a ship is docked, and a worker is going out for something to eat and becomes injured, it still covers them.

As you probably know, the Jones Act mandatory under Maritime Law. These expenses mount quickly, and if you are not insured, you have to pay them out of your pocket and profits.