Yachts Are Not Created Equal, and Neither Are Yacht Insurance Policies

california yacht insurance 

California yacht insurance is not just your typical boat insurance. Yachts are a huge investment and can be worth more than an actual home. For this reason, if you purchased a yacht, it would be wise to protect your investment with a secure insurance policy.

Just like a normal boat policy will vary depending on the type of vessel in question and the type of build-in equipment on that vessel, so will a yacht policy. Not all yachts are created equal. Some can be very elaborate and include high end furnishings, full entertainment systems, top-of-the-line appliances and more. Other yachts, on the other hand, may be strictly for fishing and include just the bare necessities. So that each yacht owner only pays for what they need, most marine insurance agencies offer a variety of packages at different price points.

Even the most basic insurance policies should cover property damage and liability claims, however. If your vessel is damaged in a storm or collision, your policy can help pay for recovery. If a passenger is injured on your yacht, if you cause an accident or property damage or if you are held liable for any reason, the best California yacht insurance policy will pay for your legal fees and help cover any settlements awarded to a third party. You can enhance your policy with personal effects protection, windstorm coverage, emergency towing and more.

To get the best policy for your needs, talk to an experienced marine insurance agent today.