You Can’t Keep All of the People Happy All of the Time

Public service is a uniquely rewarding field. It includes all of the activities of private industry and a host of tasks that are unique to the government. Health initiatives, roads, parks and schools are all invaluable contributions to society that are only possible because of the public officials who lead them. Unfortunately, almost any action a public servant takes can fail to satisfy someone. That disgruntlement may give rise to a lawsuit. That’s why liability insurance for public officials is essential to give them the confidence they need to perform their duties.

If You Serve Every Citizen, You’re Liable to Every Citizen

An insurance policy for a public official should be tailored like any other to the particular needs of the insured. While the grounds for liability for public officials are incredibly varied, policies commonly include coverage for:

  • Employment decisions, such as hiring and firing
  • Allegations of discrimination on the basis of race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, etc.
  • Claims of mismanagement of public funds, like construction budgets or grants
  • Decisions regarding zoning, permitting and licensing
  • Non-monetary claims, such as suits alleging that a law is unconstitutional
  • Suits that hold public officials personally liable

Serving the public means being held to the expectations of the public. These expectations are as varied and dynamic as the citizens themselves. As a result, even the most diligent official may find themselves facing a lawsuit at some point. A well-crafted insurance policy means government officials have the peace of mind needed to run the programs they’ve been entrusted with.